DHB Industries Provide Smart Application For Small Business

DHB Industries have more than 10 years ++ Experience in Mobile App and Website Development. We Provide All in One Services like Server, Hosting, SEO Specialist, and More.

We also open collaboration with others if have correlation company with us.

DHB Industries

Daffa Nur Rafie Alam

DHB Industries is created by Daffa Nur Rafie Alam in July 2022.

WordPress Themes & Plugins Premium

We have premium resource for wordpress like themes and plugins. We use Rank Math SEO Pro, HidemyWP Pro, Raylight Themes, and More.

Smart and Intuiteve

Mobile App




1 Click Installer

Private Blog Network

We Have more than 100++ Private Blog Network for backlink moneysite.

This PBN will help ur site grow to the moon.

Price is cheap, contact us if interested.

Smart and Intuiteve

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Smart and Intuiteve

The Provided Service is Used by more than 1000++ Customer in International.

Mostly Indonesian, Singaporean, and Malaysian.

VPS & Dedicated Server

We provide VPS & Dedicated server for your APP and Website.

We can optimize the server so u can enjoy the speed & performance.

How DHB Industries Works

We work by request, so u can contact us first.

Worldwide Delivery

We also provide worlwide delivery.

We have professional customer service and workers.

If u have any question just email us.


Server Provided is protected by Imunify360.

And we do backup weekly also.

So u never lost ur data.

Client satisfying is no.1

Employee Class

EMPLOYEE CLASS is an online course that discusses thoroughly, step-by-step how we make money online.

God willing, you can also earn up to billions of dollars from online business by studying in the EMPLOYEE CLASS Online Course.

Free Consultation

Don’t lose ur money. If you do not understand our explanation, then we invite you for a FREE consultation forever.

Some Tech Spects

DHB Industries Experience and Spects.

SEO Specialist100%
Content Writing75%

Mindset from Employee to Owner. Minimum investment, maximum results. 1 Winning product, generate 1 property asset. Best-selling Product Research

Hosting, VPS & Dedicated Server85%
Digital Marketing91%

Copywriting. 21 Closing Techniques. Step by step create a website for selling online. Step by step facebook marketing. Case study: 1 million net profit per day, while still an employee

Our Simple

Straight-Forward Pricing

Actually the price is fixed by your request. So u can visit this first : Daffa Nur Rafie Alam

Semi Plan




10GB Storage

Limited Bandwidth

5 Email Accounts

1 Databases

Backup & Restore

Pro Plan



/ week

500GB Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

50 Email Accounts

15 Databases

Backup & Restore

Our Users Love Our App!

Can register for Hajj together with my wife and be able to pay off a house debt of 187 million, Alhamdulillah, I have been able to feel the extraordinary benefits.

Resukion Digital Media

Daffa Nur Rafie Alam

Income starts to increase monthly outside of salary, even exceeds employee salary.

Perfect Service.




Since participating in advertising, the income has increased.

Profit is 7-9 million in a month.

Alhamdulillah, I can buy housing


Abdul Haris Mustofa

Can Work At Home While Studying.

and online business is bigger than monthly salary.

Now i start my own Business with DHB Industries.


Alief Allan Al Jufrie

Can earn income beyond expectations from home while lying down.

Gorgeus Owner.

Good Support.

They help newbie like me.


Denisa Shafadila

Even though it is done while doing other things. I took part in the training and then applied it because he had a strong intention and continued to learn, Alhamdulillah, he can do this


Setyawan Bayu Nugroho

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